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Cancer Treatment

The Cancer Treatment Program

In 2013, 1,500,000 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer and 750,000 will die despite the best conventional cancer treatments. 

People Against Cancer, has a revolutionary program to find you the best treatment. People Against Cancer has established The Cancer Treatment Program to help our members and their loved ones find the best treatments – both conventional and alternative - from around the world.

For 30 years People Against Cancer has spanned the globe to find the best cancer treatments decades before they are even considered by conventional medicine. We focus on research for the individual. We have a team of innovative physicians called the International Physicians Network (IPN) who advise us about the best cancer treatments for each person. Treatments include diet, nutritional supplements and the finest innovative high tech biological treatments. 

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer - or any of the less common types of cancer, like Non-hodgkins Lymphoma, Mesothelioma or any other type of rare cancer we can find you the best cancer treatment.

When you join People Against Cancer…

  • We walk with you every step of the way from the diagnosis through successful treatment.
  • We help you get your records.
  • We do all the research.
  • We find the best conventional treatments.
  • We find the best innovative and alternative treatments.
  • We find the best combination of conventional and innovative treatments.
  • We help you to make truly informed decisions and design the best program for you.
  • We focus on safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.
  • We find you the options with the best chances for survival and quality of life.


See the 4 steps below and join the Cancer Treatment Program…

step1.gif To access the Cancer Treatment Program, we ask that individuals first Join People Against Cancer as Sustaining Members. The sole purpose of joining People Against Cancer is support the Cancer Treatment Program and provide members with current and relevent cancer information. After joining, we ask that individuals then fill out a copy of our Medical History Questionnaire and provide us with photocopies of all medical records from the time of diagnosis to the present. You will also need our Medical Records Release Form to send to your physicians so the records can be sent to People Against Cancer. All information will be kept private and used for the sole purpose of finding the person with cancer the best treatment options.
step2.gif The Medical History Questionnaire and select medical records are then faxed by People Against Cancer to select physicians and researchers in People Against Cancer's International Physicians Network (IPN). Those that feel they can help will respond and provide their recommendations to People Against Cancer.
step3.gif After five working days, a personalized written report based on the recommendations received by physicians in the International Physicians Network will be prepared by People Against Cancer and sent to the person with cancer via priority mail.
step4.gif Then we ask the person with cancer to call People Against Cancer at 515-972-4444 and schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation to discuss further the details of the personalized report and to ask questions they may have.


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