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  • ProBoost is a protein from the thymus gland 30 packets for sublingual use (under the tongue).

The thymus gland actives lymphocytes and turns them into cells which fight bacteria, virus, cancer and other unfriendly organisms.

 All white blood cells are either leukocytes or lymphocytes.
All lymphocytes are either B-cell or T-cell.

The T-cells are Thymus Activated lymphocytes.

Called the most powerful immune medicine every by Dr Julian Whitaker.

Dose: 1-3 packets dissolved under the tongue each day.

Product Description

About ProBoost®

30 count 

It has been long established by medical science that the immune system defends the body against all types of disease.

Our immune system, as remarkable as it is, wears out with age just like the rest of our body. In fact, the thymus gland, which is the centerpiece of the immune system, gradually decreases in size and functionality beginning at age three. By age 50, the thymus gland is no longer capable of producing sufficient levels of a critical thymic protein needed by the immune system to jump-start an immune response.

ProBoost® was developed to meet this thymus shortfall. Thymic Protein A, the active ingredient in ProBoost®, has the same biological activity as the natural thymic protein that is produced by the thymus gland.

ProBoost® helps your body to jump-start an immune response!


Immune system benefits: *


  • Increases white blood cell counts which is vital in maintaining health.


  • Increases T-cell (helper cell) levels which is critical in helping your immune system respond quickly and aggressively in its battle against infection and disease.


  • Induces apoptosis (cell death) and anti-viral effects in abherant cells which is important in helping the body defend against abherant cells and viruses.


• Packet Formulation
Each packet of ProBoost® contains 500 milligrams of powder. The contents contain maltodextrin, a pleasant, mildly sweet powder made from
cor-syrup solids and 4 micrograms (12 trillion molecules) of potent active Thymic Protein A.



The Discovery of a Remarkable Immune System Regulator


Over the past six years since Thymic Protein A was introduced as an oral nutritional supplement, several human studies have further substantiated the scientific findings that this protein ALONE, in its purified state, has tremendous immune regulation capability as both a stimulant and a down-regulating agent, depending on the body's requirements. Two studies were completed: one involving chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS) which showed improvement both clinically and by diagnostic testing, the second study involving Epstein-Barr (EBV) patients also showed improvements both clinically and by diagnostic testing. Most significantly, this enhanced immunity is produced at microgram doses (generally 4-12 micrograms daily). Thousands of individuals have consumed this product, and hundreds of medical doctors are using it for a variety of immune-related illnesses with no adverse reactions from this highly purified, extremely safe, low-dose protein molecule. Thymic Protein A is produced at only one site in the entire world, under the personal control and supervision of Dr. Beardsley, who is committed to maintaining the high scientific standards which he established in the research and manufacture of this product over the past 30 years. Future studies, already in progress, will expand the range of application of this scientifically proven product. 


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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